Allegiant Airlines Group Travel

Today, group travel, specifically group air travel, is profitable for aviation firms. High-level executives and their key team members are often moved, moved, and regularly mobilized in global groups for meetings, international seminars, business events, stakeholders’ conferences, and other activities. This is due to the rising trend of global workforce mobility.

During peak seasons, group trips with family and friends are perennial favorites and a constant source of income for passenger airlines. Not to mention the rock shows, global tours, and athletic events when our favorite actors, musicians, and athletes traverse the globe with their teams and entourages. The airlines, their travel partners, and planners take these financially seriously.

The following article provides information on the Allegiant Air Group Booking policy, pertinent conditions and terms, advantages, and FAQs.

How can you purchase Allegiant Air tickets for a group?

Both options with Allegiant Air are standard group travel tickets or a full jet charter. Regardless of your route, Allegiant provides both online and offline ways to make your ideal group vacation or significant business event a success far surpassing your expectations. The many options to book a group or charter with Allegiant are listed below.

Online reservations for groups via the official website

With Allegiant Air, reserving a group online is a straightforward procedure with no complications. The official website lets travelers quickly and easily book traditional group travel and cheap jet charters. The airline’s main website is simple to use and highly user-friendly. The website not only enables users to make their reservations but also enables them to modify reservations for groups in several ways. The detailed steps for online group booking are listed below.

  • You must first put into your browser’s address bar to access Allegiant Air’s official website before you can buy group tickets there. The Homepage of the official website would then be shown.
  • When you are on the Homepage, go down to the website’s footer area and look at the first column with the header Company. Look at the Groups/Charters option, the fourth on the first column. Choose it by clicking.
  • You’ll be taken to a new page where you may book group and charter flights. It has a big header that says, SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY. The words Request a Quote are placed on a deep blue button just beneath the title. Press that button.
  • This would launch a dialogue window in blue with the title REQUEST FOR QUOTE and a brief word of appreciation to the left of it. Choosing among choices like less than 40 passengers and 40 or more passengers is possible using the drop-down menu on the right.
  • What type of trip are you planning?” is a question immediately beneath that box. A choice must be made from the two alternatives labeled “Group” and “Charter” immediately below that interrogative text. If you expect your party will have more than 40 people, you can select any of the choices based on your finances and travel schedule. However, the ‘Charter’ option is automatically disabled if your group size is less than 40. The only choice in such a situation is group travel, and renting a plane—at least online is not an option.
  • An Allegiant employee will answer your inquiry with a price quotation via your email address as soon as possible once the airline receives the group quote request form.
    The procedure of online purchasing group tickets continues if you accept the rate estimate and the following terms and conditions.

Online group reservation through email-

You don’t need to use the official website to finish the group booking procedure; you may do it offline. Submit an email to the above address to reach the exclusive Allegiant Airlines group help

An Allegiant representative will contact you once you do that within one business day. You may now give him all the information he needs, and if you accept the terms and conditions and the group ticket prices and pay the booking fee, the e-tickets will be delivered to your email address.

Booking a group through agents-

You may also easily finish the process through accredited travel companies when booking a group flight with Allegiant Airlines. Contact your neighborhood travel agency to get the greatest group rates that Allegiant offers. The nicest part of this approach is that you won’t need to do anything to book a group flight with Allegiant Air because your travel agency will handle all the necessary paperwork.

What are the benefits of Group Travel with Allegiant Airways?

Since it only flies domestically, Allegiant Air provides fewer group traveler perks than other airlines. The Allegiant Air group travel perks are modest and straightforward, yet they contain every component necessary to guarantee an excellent group travel experience. These are them.

  • Allegiant Air offers special pricing that is guaranteed for groups. With this assurance, group travelers may reserve their seats with initial deposits and wait until a certain date to pay the remaining amount and finalize their reservations without worrying about a change in the price of the group tickets.
  • Allegiant Air’s Charters is a specialized group travel program for groups of people traveling together to attend an event, conference, seminar, etc., without willingly sacrificing quality, comfort, or lifestyle. This private group travel program ensures the best services.
  • Allegiant Air provides group travelers with the incredible option to postpone disclosing personal data about passengers until a later period specified in the contract. By using this option, teams may avoid the inconveniences of repeatedly altering customer names by having the freedom to properly set up the final customer list before submitting the customer-wise private information to the booking system.
  • Following Allegiant Air’s group reservation policies, groups are permitted to make one free name modification or adjustment per group customer following the submission of customer names up until a certain day before takeoff. There are change costs for the second adjustment or modification on each ticket.
  • Passengers who book with Allegiant Air can pay the full value of their reservation in manageable installments. With a small down payment, they may reserve the space and secure the pricing, then pay the balance on or before the date stipulated in the terms of the agreement.

What are the reservation terms and conditions for Allegiant Air Group?

  • A group must have at least 10 members to qualify for group booking incentives under the Allegiant Air Group Reservations policy.
  • At least 40 people must be present for groups to be eligible for Allegiant Air charter program group booking advantages.
  • Passengers instantly lose their eligibility for the advantages connected with Allegiant Air’s group reservation policy if, at any point throughout the booking process, the group count is below 10 or, in the case of charters, below 40.
  • Allegiant Air’s stated advantages and quoted group prices are contingent on available seats when the reservation is made. Beyond a given date, Allegiant Air doesn’t guarantee such prices and deals.
  • According to Allegiant Air’s usual baggage policies, travelers can bring one free small personal bag—such as a handbag or laptop bag—on board while traveling in a group.
    According to the rules of the Allegiant Air group booking, guests are responsible for paying the full cost of the charter plane’s fuel.
  • Before the deposit deadline, travelers can alter their travel plans or cancel them altogether.
  • According to the booking policy of Allegiant Air Group, all bundled group travel packages, which include hotel rates, vehicle rentals, seat preferences, and additional baggage fees, are non-refundable. Also, taxes, surcharges, and carrier fees are non-refundable under any situation.
  • If a group booking is canceled within seven days before the departure date, no refunds or credit vouchers are given to the passengers. Those who have purchased Trip Flex fares are exempt.
  • Allegiant Air strictly prohibits no-shows and missed flights. Allegiant considers both of these to be intentional cancellations of reservations made by the clients, in which case the full payment is forfeited.


Q.1 Does Allegiant Air provide discounts for groups?

Ans-Yes, Allegiant Airlines provides guaranteed group prices for parties of at least 10 people.

Q.2 How many passengers must charter a flight with Allegiant?

Ans- If your party includes at least 40 people, Allegiant Airlines will let you charter an entire flight.

Q.3 How many people at most can board an Allegiant Air charter flight?

Ans- Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft are the two aircraft types available for charter with Allegiant Airlines. Both of these airlines have room for more than 150 people at once.

Q.4 Where do Allegiant flights go? Can we book a group flight on Allegiant Airlines to another country?

Ans- Allegiant Airlines is an extremely affordable domestic airline that offers flights to the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. Currently, Allegiant doesn’t provide flights to any overseas locations. So, Allegiant Airlines does not accept group reservations for overseas travel.

Q.5 Does an Allegiant Air group ticket price include the passenger’s luggage fees?

Ans- The costs for checked bags are not included in the usual Allegiant Air Group ticket rates. But the price of the charter tickets does. According to the basic baggage regulations, each ticketed passenger can bring one carry-on bag and one compact personal item, such as a laptop, pocketbook, or briefcase.

Q.6 Can you receive a refund from Allegiant Air for a group reservation?

Ans- If the intended departure is more than a week away, Allegiant group ticket holders may cancel all or a portion of their reservations without incurring any fees within 24 hours of making their reservation. However, if cancellation requests are received less than 7 days before departure, no return is given to the traveler.