Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy

Have you made mistakes in the name on your flight tickets? Do you want to change your name on your flight tickets? But you are not aware of the name change policy. Then follow our article to know the entire process.

About the Airline

It is one of the ultra-low-cost aviation companies in the United States. It was founded in 1997. Travelers enjoy unparallel travel know-how and flexible amenities with the carrier. Receiving an incorrect name on the allegiant Air ticket. Here we will share all the mandatory details on Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy.

What about the professional solutions with Allegiant Airlines?

Several airlines do not offer a name change policy on air tickets. They will tell you to cancel your reservations. But in the case of Allegiant Airlines, it offers a professional guide to name change within Allegiant Name Change Policy on the air ticket. Even it offers various modes to its clients to change their name on their air tickets.

For a successful name change, passengers must submit required documents to the Airline.

What is the Allegiant Airline name change policy?

The revised guidelines indicate that the name change on flight reservations will depend on which kind of name change is applied to Airline. The name alterations on reservations are accepted if there is an official name change or misspelling of the traveler’s name on the flight reservation.

What is the way to make requests for name correction on Allegiant Airlines reservations?

The Airline offers two ways to its customers to make a successful name change with, Allegiant Airlines. The correction rules depend on the Airline’s caution and the type of name alternation you are requesting.

Name correction via offline

Most the people use internet facilities only for some actual reasons. But when matter becomes related to flight booking, they prefer to go with the airline authorities. It is because they don’t want to face any scams or cheating.

Whenever you find a mistake in your name, immediately contact the Airline and inform them about the issue. The Airline attendant will ask you for your reservation number, so keep it with yourself at the priority level. Then tell them what kind of correction is needed, and they will solve your problem within time. Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy offers valid modes of name changes to its passenger.

Name correction via Online-

You can make a name change request via online communication. Let’s see-

  1. Go through the addressed airline website.
  2. You will get the manage travel option on the website’s official page, then click on it.
  3. Now using a different method, you can change your name on your airline ticket by mentioning your reservation number and correct spelling of your name.
  4. The name change is permitted only to some extent as per Allegiant Airlines Name Correction PolicyYou can not refer your ticket to another passenger.
  5. If you face trouble changing your name spelling, you can cancel and rebook your ticket with the correct details within the same section.
  6. You can make changes within 24-hours of booking; after it, you have to pay a certain fee to change your name on the ticket.

You can direct your approach toward the airport desk and request the name change; the representative will assist you and solve your issue. The best thing about Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy is that it makes all procedures convenient.