Jetblue Airways Group Travel

Only three of the ten boarding groups JetBlue offers are pre-boarding, courtesy boarding, and final boarding. Following Mint/Mosaic are Groups A through F, each with a distinctive name. Passengers with disabilities who require a little more time to board are permitted to do so before everyone else.

Are you looking for a group travel itinerary to explore your favorite destination to enjoy your dear ones? If yes, then Jet Blue Airlines is the best option to book your group travel itinerary. Jet Blue offers a lot of perks on group travel reservations. You can save a lot of money if you want to book with Jet Blue Airlines.

How can I purchase JetBlue Airlines tickets for a group?

JetBlue Airlines makes it simple to book group travel. The entire procedure can be broken down into three easy steps:

  • Understanding the advantages and conditions of the service.
  • Fill out and submit the form to get a group estimate.
  • Finalizing the reservation through the submission of payments.

There are several ways to complete these three stages; the most often used and acceptable ones are listed here.

Online reservation for groups via the official website

One of the most user-friendly travel-related websites is the JetBlue Airlines official website. The entire group booking procedure may be finished in a few mouse clicks, including filling out and submitting the group quotation request forms. All the helpful links linked with group booking can be easily located. By doing so, you may experience the most effortless online group booking procedure by following the steps listed below-

  • First, you must type into your web browser and hit Enter. This will take you to the airline’s main page.
  • After arriving at the webpage, look at the blue menu bar and use your mouse to choose the last menu item, “Travel Info.” When you click on the menu, a sizable drop-down window containing many external links and submenu options is opened. These are neatly arranged under four columns.
  • Look at the third column, which has the title Travelling Together. Now, move your cursor down to the third submenu, Group Travel. You would be sent to a different page with the same name if you clicked on it.
  • Locate the group trip request form by scrolling down the new page. After filling it out, click the Request group travel option.
  • Within a few business days of submitting the group travel request form, a JetBlue Groups Desk agent will contact you through email and provide you with a group pricing quotation.
  • If you accept the offered rate and associated terms and conditions, proceed with the website’s online group booking procedure as instructed.

Live chat and WhatsApp are used for online booking help.

JetBlue is similarly contemporary and technologically cutting-edge to other airlines. It uses social networking sites like WhatsApp and the most recent technology to keep in touch with its clients. You may contact the JetBlue Groups Desk on the official website via Live Chat. Additionally, you may use WhatsApp to contact JetBlue and receive immediate assistance with group reservations.

Calling the assistance desk for offline group reservations

JetBlue Groups Desk may be reached at 1-888-538-2583, which is toll-free, from Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. and 5 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. to make reservations for groups travelling with JetBlue Airlines. Weekends are closed for business at the Groups Desk. After dialing the number, choose option 2 to speak with a person from the helpdesk. The offline technique is recommended if you have at most 60 days until your anticipated group travel date.

What are the Benefits of Group Travel with JetBlue Airlines?

JetBlue Airlines divides Group travel into two categories: leisure travel and incentive or meeting travel. It provides unique advantages and incentives for these different kinds of group reservations. Below is a discussion of the JetBlue Airlines group’s travel advantages.

  • Customized Group Prices- JetBlue Airlines Group Costs are consistently unique, aggressive, and among the most affordable rates for groups in the sector when you consider the benefits and flexibility they offer. The airline provides customized and exclusive group fares for the groups.
  • Deferred Name Date- For JetBlue Airlines group reservations, groups are exempt from providing complete passenger lists and disclosing traveller information at the time of reservation. The airline allows organizations to offer client lists sooner or later than the name dates, typically set 30 days for domestic travel and 60 days for international and transatlantic journeys.
  • Travel Together or Separate- Whether you travel together or independently, JetBlue Airlines offers both options based on the group travel options you select. Regular group leisure travel allows all participants to board the same flight at the same time and arrive at the same destination. In contrast, incentive or meeting travel will enable participants to depart from various origins and board flights to the exact location. The choice of which alternatives is most appropriate for the traveller is theirs while using JetBlue Airlines group travel.
  • The Flexibility of Name Change and Correction- In accordance with JetBlue Airlines’ group bookings policy, travellers may alter their names between 30 and 60 days before departure and 72 hours before departure, even after the final passenger’s name lists have been completed, for a $100 per passenger name change fee. Name changes on group tickets are free for the groups for the same period. JetBlue only allows name changes or corrections within 72 hours before departure.
  • Chance of Deviation- JetBlue Airlines offers free deviations for up to 10% of the overall group size. Variation in this context refers to adjustments to the initial group excursion booking’s itinerary, departure date, and arrival time. The only additional costs that diverging passengers in such circumstances are obligated to pay are ticket differences resulting from a change in aircraft, date, or time.
  • Low deposits & Payment Flexibility- JetBlue Airways bookings for groups provide customers with the convenience of purchasing in parts. According to JetBlue Airlines’ travel in-groups booking policies, they are not obliged to make payment at the time of booking. Their first deposits can be made up to 14 days in advance. Even the deposit customers must make is among the lowest in the business; it is just $50 per person for domestic and international travel and $150 per traveler for transatlantic travel under the bonus and meeting travel programs.

How much must you pay for Group Travel within Jet Blue Airways?

JetBlue Airlines Group Rates are specially created and produced after considering many significant elements, including the number of people travelling in the Group, the date and time of the trip, any special needs, and rival rates in addition to more conventional pricing drivers. The airline promises to provide groups with the best rates based on their requirements. The JetBlue Airlines Group reduction is a fallacy since, according to the airline, there is no group rate reduction offered. Additionally, according to its statements, it opposes cheaper group fares. However, the airline guarantees to give exclusive group prices that are extraordinary in terms of their services and the flexibility they guarantee.

What about the Jet Blue Airways Group Cancellation policy?

A precise group travel cancellation policy from JetBlue Airlines covers terms and restrictions for group booking cancellations, cancellation fees, and cancellation penalties. The following is a step-by-step breakdown of snippets from JetBlue Airlines’ group travel cancellation policy-

  • The JetBlue Airlines group travel cancellation policy eliminates the option of getting a return for cancelling a group travel reservation. It is made clear that all payments—including down payments, fees, and final payments—made to JetBlue Airlines for a group reservation are wholly nonrefundable. The entire group booking is automatically cancelled by JetBlue Airlines, and the reservations are rebooked. As regular individual tickets at the then-current fare, forfeiting the total amount of deposits paid up to that point. Suppose the group member count falls below the required ten passengers at any time before the final payment is made. JetBlue no longer treats these reservations as group bookings; regular fare regulations and limits are in effect.
  • A change fee of $135 per person is charged if a domestic group travel reservation is cancelled after the deposit has been paid and up to 30 days before departure. International and transatlantic group travel bookings are subject to 60 days.
  • If a cancellation for domestic travel is made less than 30 days before departure, the whole amount paid for the specific reservation will be forfeited. The total amount the Group paid for the booking would only be recovered if it entailed the complete cancellation of all Group’s bookings.
  • If reservations for international and transatlantic group travel are cancelled in whole or in part within 60 days of the departure date, the booking sums paid are equally lost.

What are the Jet Blue Airline guidelines for group travel booking?

  • JetBlue Airlines’ Group Reservations policy states that a group must consist of a minimum of 10 people to be eligible for group booking advantages. Small groups of up to 7 people of relatives and friends may reserve numerous JetBlue tickets at once. Still, they will be entitled to different benefits and flexibility than group bookings.
  • JetBlue advises groups of up to 9 people to talk with the group helpdesk for advice on any available discounts or incentives.
  • All groups with passengers under 18 must, under JetBlue Airlines Group booking policy, have a sufficient number of supervisors or counsellors on the team who are qualified to supervise young children.
  • For transatlantic group reservations, a deposit of $150 per group traveller is required to secure seats.
  • If a group booking is made with JetBlue Airlines and the departure date is 120 days or more away, you must pay all deposits within 14 days of the booking date. The JetBlue group reservation is automatically cancelled unless the deposit is produced by the deadline.
  • All deposits are applied to the final payments and are not refundable. All Group booking payments, including warranties and fees, must be made in US dollars exclusively. If you pay with another currency, currency conversion rates can be effective.


Q.1 A family vacation is on the horizon. If I have 8 people travelling, can you book a group flight on JetBlue?

Ans- For a group of eight people, you can reserve several tickets. Such a reservation, however, would not be considered group travel in accordance with JetBlue Airlines’ group booking policy.

Q.2. According to JetBlue Airlines’ group booking policies, how many passengers must you bring to qualify for group booking benefits?

Ans-According to JetBlue Airlines’ group booking requirements, your party must consist of at least 10 people to be qualified for group travel discounts.

Q.3 How long are the JetBlue Airlines group fare quotes valid?

Ans- Group rate quotations from JetBlue Airlines are valid for up to two weeks or 14 days, depending on the amount of time between the date of travel and the time of quote.

Q. 4 Can you make a group reservation with installment payments? What is the required deposit amount?

Ans- Yes, you may make installment payments for group reservations. For domestic and international travel, JetBlue Airlines lets you to hold your group reservation with the smallest down payment of just $50 per person, and $150 per passenger for transatlantic travel.

Q.5 How late can you reveal passenger information? What is JetBlue Airlines’ name due date?

Ans- Groups are permitted to deliver the final passenger list and divulge traveler information as late as 30 days ahead to departure, as per JetBlue Airlines’ group bookings policy.

Q.6 Can you obtain a refund from JetBlue Airlines if you cancel the full group reservation within 30 days of the trip?

Ans-The JetBlue Airlines group booking policies are quite clear that once money has been paid to JetBlue it cannot be refunded in any way, including fees and deposits. The term “refund” is not even once used in the whole JetBlue Airlines group booking policy.