Privacy Policy

Skycofly has strict policies for privacy as we have the utmost concern for privacy and confidentiality. We promise to keep our customers’ data safe and hence if you do not wish to adhere to our policies advise you to stop visiting our website and our services. We adhere to the laws of data protection as given under the national laws.

We Reserve the Right to Modify

Skycofly reserves the right to change and update our policies as per our discretion. We are not responsible for providing any notifications or updates about the same. If you do not agree to any of the parts or whole of the privacy policy, we advise you to stop availing of our services.

We Reserve the Right to Collect Information

Any general information pertaining to your personal information that is collected through the website shall be secure on the platform. We are not liable for any third-party affiliates if you wish to avail of any of their services.

We Shall Display Ads

We collect information and enhance our customers’ experience on the website by providing ads.

Collection of Data and Usage

Data is collected from the users when they make an account on the website. W collect and improvise our gatewaAirlinespackages as per customer’s activity.

We Do Not Share Any Data

We do not share any data as we promise to keep it secure and safe. We are not responsible for any legal consequences if there has been any activity that goes against the law. You enjoy the right to take back your information and stop using the website. We do not mutilate, exploit or inappropriately use our customer’s information.