Southwest Airlines Flight Tracker

Southwest Airlines is the biggest low-cost airline in the world and a significant American airline with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. In the height of the travel season, Southwest runs around 4,000 departures daily. The airline has flights scheduled to 101 destinations in more than ten international locations and 41 U.S. states.

To check the Status of a Southwest Airlines flight, it is the best platform to provide passengers with the finest platform. You may get more details on your Southwest Airlines flights with the aid of the tracker. This platform will inform you of all important information regarding Southwest Airlines flights, including live flight status, arrival and departure times, timings for delays or cancellations, and real-time updates of the flights by providing real-time GPS monitoring of Southwest Airlines aircraft.

What are the ways to know Southwest Airlines Flight Status?

Southwest Airlines flight status information may be accessed through a variety of means. Let’s get the details below-

  • Utilizing websites that track flights is among the simplest methods. These websites offer up-to-the-minute information on airline itineraries, cancellations, and delays. To receive the most recent information, just type in your flight number or the departure and arrival airports.
  • Utilizing flight status applications is a further practical choice. You may check your flight status while on the move thanks to the many airlines’ smartphone applications, including Southwest Airlines. These apps frequently include additional capabilities like mobile check-in, boarding card access, and airport maps.
  • You can depend on Flight Information Display Systems (FIDs) if you want to get updates immediately at the Airport. Current flight information is shown on these screens, which may be seen throughout the airport terminals. To find the Status of your Southwest Airlines flight, look for the FIDs close to the check-in desks, departure gates, and arrival zones.

By keeping track of your flight’s progress, you may avoid idling at the Airport and prepare backup plans in case of modifications or delays. Whenever possible, specifically during severe weather or peak travel times, it is advised to verify the Status of your flight before leaving for the Airport.

How to Check Southwest Airways Flight Status?

Travelers who use Southwest Airlines must have the advantage of being able to swiftly and effectively check the Status of their flights. You can monitor any flight at any time from any device with the help of the simple-to-use Flight Status function.

The user-friendly layout of this application guarantees that you’ll always have the most recent information about the flight at your fingertips, regardless of whether you know the particular flight number, only the departure and arrival airports, or merely the airport name. Follow these simple guidelines to make your travel experience stress-free and confident. It has always been challenging to check the Status of any Southwest Airlines flight, so follow the below process to know the accurate Southwest Airways Flight Status.

Find the Flight Status section on the website if you know the flight number-

  • In the Flight field, type your flight number. For example, if your flight number is 123, enter 123 in the box.
  • Make sure the airline name field has Southwest Airlines selected.
  • To get the most recent Status of your flight, click the Track option.

How can you know Southwest Flight Status Today if you have not learned about flight numbers but are aware of departure and arrival times?

  • Navigate to the Flight Status area.
  • Decide on By Route.
  • Put the airports where the Southwest Airlines flight you want to check out departs from and arrives.
  • An error warning will appear if you choose an airport that Southwest Airlines does not service.
  • Regarding your current time zone, ensure the date corresponds to the flight’s date. Be advised that planes coming from Asia or Europe might be one day ahead of schedule.
  • To get the most recent Status of the chosen flight, select Track.

How can you get Southwest Airlines status if you are only aware of the Airport?

  • If you know the Airport, choose By Airport under Flight Status if that is all you know.
  • Choose the right window of time at the selected Airport.
  • Choose Departures or Arrivals.
  • Select Track from the menu.
  • Each flight operated by Southwest Airlines scheduled to arrive or leave at the chosen Airport will be listed along with its present location.

What are the benefits of flight tracker for Southwest Airlines Flight Tracker?

SOUTHWEST PROVIDES REAL-TIME FLIGHT MONITORING using GPS, radar, and satellite communication. You may use the Flight Tracker to view the movement of flights in real-time on a map and check the Status of each flight’s departure, arrival, or delay.
A plane’s location is predicted for up to 10 minutes if its final location is unknown. The site is estimated using a variety of factors, and in most circumstances, it is very accurate. However, during lengthy trips, the position can occasionally be off by as much as 100 kilometers.


Q.1 How can you check Southwest Airlines ‘ Status conveniently?

Ans- By contacting 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) or visiting the airline’s website, you may find the Southwest Airlines flight status. Additionally, you may follow planes using the Southwest Flight Status tool on the website or the mobile app.

Q.2 How does Southwest Airlines define En-Route and On-Time?

Ans- En Route denotes that the plane has departed from its starting point and is flying towards its final destination. On-time denotes that the aircraft is anticipated to reach its goal within 15 minutes of the time it was supposed to.

Q.3 How do you get the Status of Southwest Airways Flight?

Ans- You can follow the location and progress of every Southwest aircraft thanks to the improved flight tracking system, which utilizes live GPS satellite data. You may follow any Southwest flight using the flight number, the arrival and destination airports, and the departure date.

Q.4 What are Southwest Airlines’ On-Time Performance (OTP)?

Ans-Southwest Airlines’ Airportia On-Time Performance Rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars. We use information from this airline’s flight arrivals over the last 10 days to create this measure.


The Southwest Airlines flight tracker and Status post will guide you properly and offer you all the essential details. You can solve all your queries by reading this post.