Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Program

Making earning reward flights quicker and simpler is the main goal of the Rapid Rewards® program. Nothing should stand in your way of reaching your preferred location, whether you’re collecting points or redeeming them for a flight.

Southwest Airlines is one of the greatest carriers out there for passengers who like inexpensive flights and detest surcharges, and the Southwest Rapid Rewards program is one of the best airline reward programs to reap all of its advantages. Joining is free, and you should do so because it’s the only way to get points for every Southwest flight.

What about the Southwest Rapid Rewards Program?

The Rapid Rewards policies and guidelines apply to the Southwest Rapid Rewards Program. In terms of the number of people it transports, Southwest Airlines is thought to be the largest low-cost airline in the United States. It has flights to around 100 locations, including Hawaii, the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.
Earning Southwest Rapid Rewards points and using them to pay for future travel is a very simple process.

How many Southwest Rapid Rewards points are worthy?

Southwest Rapid Rewards points are valued at 1.5 cents each by NerdWallet based on our most recent examination of actual award flight redemptions. Learn more about how we calculated these numbers.

This is not a maximized number for Southwest points; rather, it is a baseline value derived from actual data gathered from several hundred economy routes. Choose award redemptions that will give your Southwest points a value of at least 1.5 cents.

Southwest does not offer an award chart; therefore, unlike some other airlines, the value of points seldom varies from flight to flight. The number of points required to reserve a flight increases along with the cost of the ticket.

Southwest doesn’t really have “sweet spots” for award reservations in light of this. You typically get the same value for your points each time you use them to purchase a flight. The monetary value of the ticket must be divided by the number of miles needed for the flight in order to calculate the worth of your miles for a given flight.

How do you earn points using Rapid Rewards?

There are various ways to earn Southwest Rapid Rewards points: by taking a Southwest flight, by shopping and eating with partners, or by making purchases with a Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card. The Chase Ultimate Rewards® program also counts Southwest as one of its transfer partners.

The price of the ticket, the kind of fare you select, and your Rapid Rewards program status all affect how many points you receive for a journey. Depending on the kind of trip purchased, all fares come with two free checked baggage of up to 50 pounds each, no change costs, and reusable money for up to 12 months if you need to cancel your travel.
With each fare class you select, you can earn an alternate quantity of Rapid Rewards points:

  • Wanna Get Away: For every dollar spent on basic airfare, you’ll earn 6 Rapid Rewards points.
  • Wanna Get Away Plus: Earns 8 Rapid Rewards points for every $1 spent on basic airfare.
  • Anytime: For every $1 spent on standard airfare, 10 Rapid Rewards points are earned.
  • Business Select: For every $1 paid on base airfare, you’ll receive 12 Rapid Rewards points.

Purchasing Rapid Rewards currency

Typically, Rapid Rewards points cost 2.75 to 3 cents apiece, although purchasing them is not advised. Buying Rapid Rewards points at these rates is nearly always a terrible deal because we value each Rapid Rewards point at an average of 1.5 cents.

If you have a certain redemption in mind and need to top off your account, there is one situation when the restriction does not apply.

How to redeem Rapid Rewards points?

  • Visit the booking tool on the Southwest website and sign in with your Rapid Rewards credentials to make a flight reservation.
  • Enter your trip details after that, and select the point-based fare display option.
  • The outcomes will state whether any fare classes for a certain flight are sold out.
  • All possible fare choices are accessible. However, the price in points is always the same as the price in cash.

For a free flight with Southwest, how many points are required?

Depending on the type of Southwest ticket you’re purchasing, you’ll need a certain number of Rapid Rewards points to book a journey. The least-priced tickets will be for Wanna Get Away. Since the cost of tickets is essentially correlated with the cost in cash, the flight will cost less in points if the cost in cash is lower.

What are Southwest Airlines’ rapid rewards program contact numbers?

You can make inquiries by dialling 1-800-435-9792. The Companion Pass card will be processed and issued within 21 business days. The selected Companion of the Member shall be a person. Call 1-800-792-00011-800-792-0001 to request an upgrade to a Rapid Rewards Premier or Priority Credit Card.

What is the procedure for the Southwest Rapid Rewards program?

Members of the Southwest Rapid Rewards programme can accrue Rapid Rewards points by using a Southwest credit card, travelling with Southwest Airlines, or making purchases from partner companies, including World of Hyatt, Alamo, Avis, and Hertz. You may then exchange those awards for lodging, auto rentals, special experiences, overseas travel, and gift cards. Joining the Southwest Rapid Rewards programme is free.


Q.1 How do you acquire Southwest points for nothing?

Ans- Southwest Rapid Rewards points can be acquired in a variety of ways, such as by travel, lodging, vehicle rentals, retail purchases, and eating. Furthermore, using a Southwest credit card will earn you Rapid Rewards points.

Q.2 How are points from Southwest Rapid Rewards used?

Ans- Typically, booking tickets on Southwest is the best use of Southwest Rapid Rewards miles. When searching for a flight on Southwest’s website, use the icon to search in points instead of dollars while doing your standard flight search. Following your choice of a desired flight and completion of the customary checkout procedure, points will be debited from your online account.

Q.3 Southwest Rapid Rewards cost how much?

Ans- Credit card from Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus annual fee: $69): After making $1,000 in purchases during the first three months after account opening, earn 50,000 bonus points. Every year, 3,000-anniversary points. 2x points on purchases made at Southwest.

Q.4 How can you redeem my Rapid Rewards?

Ans- To redeem your points, you must be a member of Rapid Rewards. At, you may sign up without cost. Opt for Claim Partner Points. Then, key in your exclusive prize code.