Southwest Flight Change Policy

If you’re searching for a carrier with the most accommodating cancellation or itinerary change rules, Southwest is your best option. Simply put, there are no costs associated with changing or cancelling a Southwest ticket. Southwest Airlines doesn’t operate under the same business model as other airlines, which may charge you far over $100 to modify an already-booked itinerary. Additionally, Southwest Airlines flight credits are no longer subject to expiration.

You won’t find many policies that are as lenient as Southwest’s regarding cancellations and refunds. Therefore, you’re in luck if you need to modify or cancel a Southwest Airlines flight. What you need to know is Southwest Flight Change Policy. Here, we are explaining complete details of the airline flight change procedure, so read the following instructions.

How Do You Change a Southwest Airlines Flight?

Southwest’s change policy makes it simple for customers to modify their bookings. Two approaches—online and offline—are available for this. If you choose the offline approach, you can phone the carrier directly to request a ticket adjustment. To use the online mode, there is a set procedure. We have outlined all the processes below to assist you in changing flights online-

Create an Account within the airline portal

You must go to the official Southwest Airlines website in order to make changes to your travel ticket. Afterwards, choose the sign-in link on the home page. Enter your login information, including your password.

The second step is to select the Change or Cancel option

Select the “Change Flight” button on the right side of the home page after logging into your Southwest account.

Enter the Crucial Information

The necessary information, including the confirmation number that was provided and first and last names, must be filled out in the following phase. Click the Flight Change button once you’ve finished entering all the information.

Investigate the Flight

Select the desired flight by clicking the Change Flight button. You may update and alter a flight by tapping it. You may get the greatest deals on the same day if you want to search for new places and dates.

Select Additional Flights

You may select the new flight and touch the proceed button after examining the available flights and dates.

Review Your Flight and the Costs

When you’ve finished the procedures mentioned above, select a new itinerary and double-check the airfare. Then press Purchase and Continue to proceed.

To avoid going through this procedure, call the Flying Rules at (800) 865-1848.

How to Modify a Southwest Airlines Flight Using a Mobile App?

The mobile app offers a greater number of possibilities to make changes, even though the modification made via the website’s official link is flawless. The few actions you need to do to employ this technique are listed below-

  • The “Southwest Airlines” mobile app may be downloaded through the Google Play Store.
    Select “change” from the menu as you navigate the app.
  • Give the relevant information, including your confirmation number, first and last name, and other details.
  • Select the flight you wish to alter and mark it on the list of available flights.
  • Make the appropriate payment by tapping on the flight you want to take.

What is the Southwest Companion Pass Flight Change Procedure?

Do you wish to modify your flight when travelling on a Southwest Airlines companion pass with a friend or a family member? The Southwest flight change procedure must first be used to cancel your companion’s flight.

You must follow a multi-step process in order to alter your flight. First, reschedule the flight for your companion that is connected with a separate reservation number. Change your initial flight after that, and then add your travel partner.

Key points to memorize- Prior to making a reservation, confirm that the new plane has at least two seats available. Make careful to reduce the likelihood that, if you change your flight, you won’t be able to add your partner to the reservation.

What about the Southwest flight change rules according to fares?

The Southwest change policy varies depending on the kind of ticket you bought. The following changes to the flight ticket will be made to accommodate differing fares:

Wanna Get Away Ticket- Tickets for Wanna Get Away are not refundable. However, they are transferable to other trips. The Wanna Get Away fare can be changed up to two hours prior to departing if you have already paid for it. But there won’t be a reimbursement. If you don’t utilize the future travel within a year after purchasing it, it will expire. It is one of the key prerequisites for it.

Business Select Ticket- You can modify your Business Select Ticket up to two hours prior to departure. This fare is 100% refundable. All reimbursements will be lost if you don’t modify your flight’s ticket within 10 minutes.

Anytime Ticket- Anytime is a tariff that is also refundable. The ticket price will be converted to travel money if you don’t modify it 10 minutes before the departure time. You can modify this kind of ticket up to two hours prior to departure, per Southwest’s change policy.

How much is the Southwest Airlines Flight Change Fee?

You don’t need to pay a single penny if you want to Change flights on Southwest Airlines. Because it offers free domestic and international flight changes, there are no additional fees for the customers. You can change the ticket without incurring a change charge if you need to make last-minute changes due to an emergency. Southwest Airlines offers its customers the most flexibility possible by not charging any fees for changing their tickets.

If you want to change the date or time of your flight, you might have to pay the cost difference. There won’t be any more fees for you. No change fee will be charged to a passenger in the event of an unexpected plan modification or emergency.

What about the Southwest Airlines Same-day Flight Change strategies?

The strategy can change without sounding an alert. You can change your flight schedule either a week before travel or on the day of travel. In both situations, the carrier assists customers in changing their tickets. The reservation may be changed without charge the day before departure.

You can make changes to your reservation using both online and offline means at your own pace under the Southwest same-day modification policy. You may utilize Southwest Airlines’ official website in online mode. The online platform will walk you through the process of editing the ticket on-screen. You can ask the airline person to alter the itinerary directly while in offline mode. Both options are easy, and you are exempt from the change cost.

What is the policy for Standby Flight Changes on Southwest Airlines?

Whatever happens during boarding might cause a flight delay or result in a change in your plans. You could board an aircraft sooner or skip your scheduled journey.

Concerning flight rescheduling procedures, Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy has you covered. In accordance with Southwest Airlines’ standby policy, travelers may wait for an earlier flight on the same day if a seat becomes available. For same-day flight adjustments, this means passengers are not subject to any fees or fines.

Does Southwest Airlines offer a 24-hour flight change policy to its travelers?

Yes, occasionally, a traveler requests alterations within 24 hours after making their purchase. These situations typically occur when a consumer receives a favorable offer at a reasonable cost. Southwest Airlines has a window of 24 hours for accepting booking adjustments. No penalties apply to these modifications. This implies that you are not charged a price for changing your reservation.

It would help if you thought about Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy before cancelling your reservation. If you cancel within 24 hours after making a reservation, you could even receive a return in the amount of your initial payment.

What is the Southwest Modifies Flight Rules for Abnormal Operations?

If an international flight is delayed or cancelled due to severe weather or other unavoidable reasons, you may change your travel for free under Southwest’s policy. To contact customer service, you must dial 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792).

What is the importance of plus and minus signs when you change your flight on your Southwest Airlines official website?

When you change a flight, the + (plus) symbol next to the fare denotes that your new flight will cost more than your old one and that you will be charged extra. The negative (-) symbol indicates that the flight ticket is less expensive than the one you originally reserved, and the difference will be reimbursed to your original method of payment or added to your travel fund for future use.

If you see USD 0, that implies your new flight will cost the same as your previous one, and you may alter it without incurring additional fees.

Is there any time limit to change your flight within Southwest Flight Change Regulations?
Absolutely, there is. Flight changes must be made at least ten minutes prior to takeoff. For instance, if your flight is scheduled to leave at 9 a.m., you must modify it by 8:50 a.m. If you don’t remember to modify your flight, the cost of the airfare will either be transformed into travel funds Anytime or Business Select or forfeited depending on the kind of ticket you purchased.

Can you change your Southwest Flight after check-in?

As per the Southwest Flight Change Policy, you can modify your journey after check-in. Booking changes are permitted up to 10 minutes prior to departure. It is important to keep in mind to check in for your new flight after altering your ticket reservation. If you fail to modify a Wanna Get Away airline reservation, the cost of your tickets can be totally lost.

Additionally, as per the Southwest Airlines Flight Change rules, you can easily change your destination within this airline. Yes, you are permitted to modify the destination of your flight under the terms of the Southwest flight change policy. The additional fare, if any, must be paid, nevertheless. You’ll receive a credit for the Travel Funds if the new flight is less expensive.


Q.1 Can passengers on Southwest Airlines alter their flight without paying a fee?

Ans- Yes. You are allowed to make changes without charge in accordance with Southwest’s change policy in the event of last-minute plans or emergencies. You may have to pay the additional fare.

Q.2 How can you modify a Southwest Airlines flight?

Ans- You have a few options for changing your ticket. The traveler has three options for changing their flight: using the airline’s official website, calling their reservations department, or using a mobile app.

Q.3 How can you alter a Southwest flight ticket on the same day?

Ans- Southwest Airlines offers a variety of alternatives for same-day flight adjustments. You can utilize the Southwest smartphone app or dial the customer support hotline.

Q.4 How can your Southwest reservation be modified using the mobile app?

Ans- The program must first be downloaded from the Play Store. The second step is to launch the app and select the flight change option. Third, give a confirmation number and any other pertinent information. Fourth, send the funds that are required.

Q.5 Would phoning Southwest Airlines allow you to change your flight?

Ans- You can alter your flight by calling the toll-free number shown on the Southwest Airlines website. You may also call Southwest employees at (800) 865-1848 with any inquiries.

Q.6 How many times you can change your Southwest Flight?

The number of times you can alter your Southwest flight is up to you. However, you will be responsible for paying the difference in fee if your new flight is more expensive than the one you initially reserved.


Especially if you’re buying tickets for your complete family, you frequently question if you might have booked the flight at a lesser price if you waited to purchase. Southwest doesn’t impose a tax despite the fact that the majority of American airlines impose one that ranges from $150 to $200. That’s correct; Southwest Airlines has a very accommodating cancellation policy.

Southwest Flight Change Policy enables you to reschedule your ticket and receive the price difference whether you paid with points, cash, or a credit card when you first made your reservation. No matter the sort of fare you’ve booked, Southwest lets you rebook your travel at the best rates, unlike other airlines that waive change fees for elite status holders.