Spirit $9 Fare Club

If you are a frequent traveler, then you must have a certain airline or hotel chain, which you always be looking into ways for the program. While traveling with Spirit Airlines, there is a $9 Fare Club. This club offers you a route to those savings.

In this blog, we will share information about what is $9 Fare Club. What benefits you can get from this club. Also, know is it worth or not to enroll in this club based on the potential savings.

What is the $9 Fare Club?

Spirit Airlines offers a $9 Fare Club which is a special membership. This club allows us to save money on select fares with Spirit Airlines. Using this club we can also save on baggage fees for yourself and up to eight additional passengers.

For how much we can buy the $9 Fare Club?

Spirit Airline’s $9 Fare Club is $59.95 for enrolling. This is just to pull a bit of a fast one on you.

You can have a membership for about one year after annual enrollment in the Club. Also, Spirit Airlines does on each anniversary each member is automatically charged an annual fee of $69.95 for membership in the Club. So, like this, you can get charged up for the next for the price of $10.

Each member gets 60 days trial membership for a fee of $19.95. after these days when the trial membership is over, then you’ll have to pay the full price of $69.95. So, by Spirit Airlines this trial would end up costing you a total of about $90 for 14 months which is $60 for 12 months that you would pay with the standard membership.

You can also pay $90 for 14 months which comes out to $6.4 per month and $60 for 12 months comes out to $5 per month. but you can also see that the trial leads to less efficient pricing.

You can purchase as the first reason is that two months just isn’t that long. If you know the travel plans for the next two months, then you can buy the plan. Also, you must know what the savings should be for their carry-ons, checked baggage, and airfare.

But you must try a trial version which is of great benefit.

How do I join the $9 Fare Club?

If you are traveling with Spirit Airlines, you must join this club. But how can you join? Here is the answer. People of all ages can join the Club by filling out the form on this webpage. Spirit Airlines offers a form where you can enter some basic information. This includes as below: 

Your name

  • Date of birth
  • Email address

To become a member, while filling out the form, you also need to create a password. You can enter your contact information. With this password, you will need to enter your nearest airport. However, if you need help you can locate your home airport.

The next step is to input your billing information. After this, you will be enrolled as a member.

Also, Spirit Airlines offers you to join when making your booking. this step is when input your contact information for a booking. there is a pop-up for the $9 Fare club with an option to enroll.

Spirit Airlines mentions that technically, you should be a member of the FREE SPIRIT frequent flier program already to get enrolled here in this club. So, guys hurry up and create an account. This account will be automatically created for you when you enrolled in the $9 Fare Club.