Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of Skycofly are present to provide our customers with a sense of clarity and so that there wouldn’t be any confusion regarding the terms and conditions in the minds of the customers and of the service that we cater to them. Skycofly is a travel service provider. These terms and conditions will solve any confusion present in the minds of the consumer and provide you with a proper understanding of our terms and conditions. We strongly recommend all our customers to read these terms and conditions before purchasing our services.

Acceptance of our terms and conditions –

  • You agree with them and acknowledge our terms and conditions by visiting our website and making a purchase as well.
  • You agree with modifications in the terms and conditions that are reflected on the website and it shall be your responsibility to go through them and understand them.
  • You approve of our terms and conditions if you visit our website regularly and become a user of the services we cater to you and the products we offer.
  • You would also approve if there are any changes to the website, it would not be asked for your approval or consent.
  • If anybody violates serious and strict actions can be taken by the company.

Modifications in Terms and Conditions :

Modification in the policy is as per our company’s decided changes. We recommend all our users read and understand the policies that get updated from time to time.

Affiliation with Third-Party Links:

We as a company have linked with different third parties and hence you shall see different ads on our websites. We are not responsible for their material and we recommend strongly to our users that they should read all the policies beforehand prior to buying any products or services.

Data on the website

Any content available on the website that goes against the policies of our company shall be removed and also banned for posting any such content. Make sure you do not take any actions like inappropriate usage of our content that can damage our reputation.

Cost of the services and the Payment:

The cost of our products and services shall be made available to our users and shall be reflected on the website. We are not responsible for any fluctuation in the market.

Make sure you read our terms and conditions beforehand to avoid any potential dispute with Skycofly.