United Flight Tickets and Booking Deals

IATA code: UA
ICAO code: UAL
Country: USA
Operating bases and hubs: Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Denver International Airport, Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport, Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport
Foundation date: April 6, 1926 (as Varney Air Lines)
Reward program: MileagePlus
Parent company: United Airlines Holdings
Subsidiaries: CommuteAir, United Club, GoJet Airlines
Alliance: Star Alliance
Address: United Airlines, Inc. PO Box 06649 Chicago, IL 60606-0649 United States
Phone: +1 847 700 40 00, +1 800 864 83 31
Email: customerservice@united.com
United Airlines official website: united.com


Your group will value these United Group advantages and save money by flying United Airlines. To help the group at the airport, a group organizer. The group’s fare is assured.
If you are flying with 10 or more people, you can select to book a group flight with United Airlines. You may book a group flight with United Airlines and benefit from discounted rates and extra amenities. You must research and acquire facts to discover more about United Airlines group booking. You must make a group request online and establish your price depending on the destination and anticipated passenger volume. United Airlines constantly aims to provide customers with the most cost-effective option.

How can you make a booking with United Airlines?

To make group travel airline booking within the airline, you have to follow specific steps-
Making individual reservations for a group flight of 10 or more individuals might take some time. Fortunately, United Airlines offers a straightforward procedure for ordering group travel tickets, guaranteeing the convenience of all passengers. You may also check online travel directories for the best airline ticket deals.

We’ll guide you through booking group tickets for a United Airlines flight so you and your other travelers can fly without worrying.

The service may be used to book bookings for a group on a flight operated by United Airlines. In contrast to booking solitary tickets, this service could come with benefits, including guaranteed fare prices and services catered to United Airlines group travel. Passengers in groups, especially those with nine to ten people, may be entitled to fare savings.

United Airlines Group Flight Reservations-

When you fly with United Airlines, you’ll get special discounts that make the travel less complicated and hectic. The committed group organizers at United Airlines will help you at every turn, ensuring your group travels without a hitch. With priority check-in, you may quickly exit the airport with your group and concentrate on having fun.
Please follow the instructions below to book a group flight with United Airlines-

Through online mode-

  • Select Group trip under Plan trip on the United Airlines website. After that, you may complete a form with the details of your group and email it to United Airlines.
  • Call the group travel line at United Airlines at 1-800-426-1122 to speak with a representative and arrange a group reservation.
  • Typically, the following details must be provided when booking a group reservation-
  • The number of passengers in your group as a whole
  • Your trip’s timing and dates
  • airports of origin and destination
  • The kind of food you’re searching for regarding finances, business, etc.
  • Any unique demands or considerations that your group may have.

Through phone-

You can book your travel by contacting the airline at 1800-426-1122. Share all the required details about your group number with the airline representative. After taking all the required details, the airline agent will ask you about the bid. Now, the agent will proceed toward group booking, and you will get a booking confirmation call.
Additionally, you can include any unique travel needs before submitting your data. After the form has been correctly submitted, you will receive a response by mail within two business days. The availability of space will be taken into consideration when offering group reservations.

Key points to note down while making group travel bookings-

Remember that United Airlines may have specific guidelines and requirements for group reservations, such as required minimum group sizes or booking and payment due dates. Please review these policies and any questions you may have before booking a reservation for your group.

Benefits of Using United Airlines for Group Travel

United Airlines is the finest choice if you’re considering a group flight. You will get the preferred price and service when travelling to a party of 10 or more people. Here are some advantages of taking a group flight with United.

Discounted rates for your group-

If ten or more passengers travel United Airlines to the same destination on the same aircraft, use a guaranteed price.

We take good care of your group-

When you book a flight with United Airlines in a group, you not only save money but also receive the benefits listed below-

  • To help your group at the airport, arrange for a group organizer. These people are often not accessible at every airport.
  • Your check-in is prioritized.
  • A fixed cost for the group.

The boarding and check-in lane is separate-

United Airlines maintains a designated lane for quick check-in and boarding for group customers. Additionally, you and your group will be assigned a special seat on the aircraft.

Get a lot of points-

Once you’ve booked your bookings for group travel with United Airlines, you may earn the maximum points possible on your future trip in addition to the group rate. You may also manage your group reservation or ask for specific help by phoning customer service before the trip.

  • United Airlines permits one adult to fly with up to 15 children as long as they are 14 years old or under if they fly with kids.
  • Making a group reservation through a third-party travel agency or website might be convenient. Planting and reserving your vacation will be simpler if you use one of these agencies or websites, which may provide various rates or discounts for United Airlines group tickets.
  • When flying with kids, United Airlines allows one adult to travel with up to 15 kids as long as the kids are 14 or younger.
  • It could be helpful to save money and time by making a group reservation through a third-party travel agency or website. It could be simpler for you to plan and reserve your holiday if certain businesses or websites provide different rates or concessions for reservations by groups.
  • To change your reservation, however, you should contact United’s customer service if you booked through a third-party agency. Check the policies of the travel company you plan to use before making the booking since some may have limitations on the changes they may make.

What about the booking cancellation policy of United Airlines?

United Airlines has one of the best cancellation procedures in the business in the case of an issue. Please utilize their website or the United customer service line to postpone the group booking. Before making any changes, check the terms and conditions of your reservation to be aware of any potential cancellation fees.

What are the best methods and advice for booking United Airlines group travel at the lowest prices?

Additionally, customers can use a third-party booking agency or a travel agent to reserve their group tickets. These companies or websites could have permission to utilize restricted group offers that aren’t displayed on United Airlines’ main website.

It’s also important to remember that the size of the group may impact the discount offered. Generally speaking, the discount increases with the size of the group. Gathering as many people as possible is typically preferable to benefit from the most significant discount.

Additionally, customers may vary their trip dates and times to increase their chances of finding a better deal. While early-morning or late-night flights could be less expensive, weekday flights are frequently more affordable than weekend ones.

Lastly, carefully review the terms and conditions before obtaining a group ticket to prevent unanticipated fees or limitations. With careful planning and research, customers may benefit from United Airlines’ discounts for group ticket purchases.
What benefits United Airlines Group Reservations may provide travelers in various ways?
Save cash to assist travelers to save significantly on tickets; United Airlines provides group discounts. Group refunds might change based on the number of travelers, the location, and the trip dates.

Simplify the reservation procedure. Passengers making group reservations can make the booking procedure easier. The management of reservations may be more straightforward for group leaders by a dependable United Groups office that can assist with bookings, marking, and payment.

You may make group reservations over the phone or online. Travellers may manage reservations, cancellations, and group bookings through the manage booking app. Passengers may manage their reservations and travel as needed with only a few clicks.
Save cash Group discounts are offered by United Airlines to travellers so that they can save money on their flights. The number of people travelling, the location, and the trip dates all affect group discounts.

Streamline the reservation process; Group reservations can simplify the reservation process. United Airlines Group Reservations makes it easier to manage changes to group reservations. Group leaders may quickly alter the itinerary, add or remove travellers, and modify the reservation.

United Airlines Group Reservations can help passengers save money, simplify the booking process, and benefit from group discounts when travelling in a group.

How can you contact United Airlines to make a group reservation?

Call United Airlines’ Group Travel Support Line at 1-800-426-1122 if you want to book a flight for a large group. This committed team of professionals is here to assist you with all aspects of your group booking, such as airline selection, seating setups, specific demands, and answering any queries. They could also help you make additions or changes to your group reservation. Therefore, call this number to create a group booking or request help with an existing reservation.


Q.1 The United Airlines Passenger Service Number: How Do You Use It?

Ans-United Airlines’ passenger service or customer care number is 1-800-864-8331. You can call this number to talk with a passenger service person about bookings, flight status, luggage questions, or other general enquiries or transactions. For customer help, the United Airlines customer service hotline is open around the clock. If you’re calling from outside the United States, locate the appropriate customer support number for your position on the United Airlines website.

Q.2 How does group booking for flights operate?

Ans- Each ticket’s cost remains constant, and additional tickets may be purchased. Ten or more passengers flying with Group Air from various sources and destinations. Each traveler has their reservation. Group Air groups are created with a clear beginning and ending date.

Q.3 How do you reserve seats for numerous people on United?

Ans- Call 1 (800) 864 8331 or 1 (805) 865-8331 to make a group booking for several travelers on the same trip.

Q.4 What does United Airlines consider to be a group reservation?

Ans-A United Airlines group booking often includes 10 or more passengers taking the same route.

Q.5 Is there a discount available for United Airlines group reservations?

Ans- United Airlines may provide cheaper tickets for groups travelling together depending on the number of people in the group and other factors. Contact their Group Travel Desk for further details on potential savings.

Q.6 What benefits may you receive from booking a group travel with United Airlines?

Ans- Passengers can ask to sit together if they are travelling together. However, there is no assurance that the request will be granted. Travelers must arrive early to enhance their chances of acquiring nearby seats.

Q.7 What are United Airlines’ group reservations policies?

Ans- Minimum group sizes, booking and payment deadlines, and other particular limitations and criteria apply to group reservations with United Airlines. Examine these guidelines before booking your group reservation, and feel free to ask any questions.

Q.8 Can you change travelers’ United Airlines group reservations?

Ans- It is possible to change your United Airlines group reservation. Contact their Group Travel Department to change or amend your reservation.

Q.9 How do you pay for a group reservation on United Airlines?

Ans- United Airlines could offer group reservations various payment options, such as paying for each traveler separately or making a deposit and paying the balance closer to the departure date. Contact their Group Travel Desk for further details on payment options.